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Roses are eternal. With over 50 000 different rose varieties in existence today, there is a rose to suit every garden and every taste.

Written by South Africa’s leading rose expert, Ludwig Taschner’s Roses is a comprehensive guide to identifying, growing and caring for roses.

The book is divided into two parts, the first focusing on rose growth and care and the second on the many different varieties of roses and colourscaping.

Part One includes advice on suitable conditions for growing roses; soil preparation; watering and fertilizing; pest and disease control; rose health; pruning; and cutting and arranging roses in vases. Part Two focuses on the naming of roses; hybrids and sports; different rose groups and types; and colourscaping with roses, be it in formal garden designs, informal designs, mass plantings or the creation of focal points with specimen roses.

The entire book is filled with colour photographs of examples of individual roses, displays and a wide variety of rose gardens to enthuse and inspire.

The book is also available in Afrikaans as Ludwig Taschner se Rose.

About the author

Ludwig Taschner founded Ludwig’s Roses in 1971. Today, it is world-renowned and the premier rose nursery in South Africa with the largest selection of rose varieties available. Through constant innovation, Ludwig’s Roses have stayed on the forefront of the nursery industry. Ludwig has travelled South Africa and the world writing and giving talks on roses to encourage people to become more enthusiastic about this versatile flower.

He was chairman of the Rose Growers Association for 25 years and is the author of a previous book, Roses.

 Published by Struik Lifestyle.



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