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1.     Rosa Gallica Officinalis (The Apothecary’s Rose) is probably the oldest rose to be cultivated in Europe.2.     A fossilized rose was found in Colorado USA which was 35 million years old.3.     The oldest rose in the world which is said to be over 1000 years old is growing in the courtyard of Hildeshiem Cathedral in Germany.4.     The ceilings in Roman dining rooms were decorated in roses.  Their guests were reminded that any conversation during dinner should be kept secret.  ‘Sub rosa’ -  ‘Under the rose’ still means ‘confidentially’ today.5.     In ancient Egypt roses were considered a sacred flower and were used as offerings to the Goddess Isis who was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife.6.     In the middle ages Roses were grown in China and the petals were used to flavour tea and pastries.7.     Throughout history roses have been used as a potent ingredient of love potions.8.     The floors of Cleopatra’s palace were reported to be carpeted with scented rose petals.9.     In Roman times Roses were used to decorate liberated slaves, 10.                        The Romans also wore garlands of roses as they were thought to ward off the effects of drinking too much wine.

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