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Title.  TEA ROSES-Old Roses For Warm Gardens Author. Lynne Chapman, Noelene Drage, Di Durston, Jenny Jones, Hillary Merryfield, Billy West. Publisher.  Rosenburg Publishing Ltd. Australia. Year. 2008 Language. English. ISBN 978-1-877058-67-7 Teas - once almost forgotten - are now being acclaimed as superb roses for warm gardens. Bred for a century or so from 1820, they were descended mainly from Chinese garden hybrids introduced into Europe in the early nineteenth century. Teas brought characteristics that had not been seen before in European roses. These included an intriguing multi-layered fragrance; a new range of colours; a higher-centred flower shape; gently nodding heads; and a bushy, twiggy growth habit. Even more importantly, the Teas whose ancestors came from temperate to subtropical areas of China bloomed almost continuously in favourable conditions and did not need a dormant period.The authors aim to bring together the observations and knowledge they have accumulated about the Teas and to tell something of their past history. In this title, full details are given of roses currently being sold as Teas in Australia, as well as some Tea-like found roses. Descriptions are first-hand and not just a repetition of what has been said before. The authors grow most of the Teas known in Australia, and these are a large proportion of those commercially available elsewhere. Consequently, the information given about them will be relevant wherever these roses are grown.


The World Federation of Rose Societies awarded this book their Literary Award as an outstanding book on roses.



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