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Title. BOTANICA’S ROSES. The Encyclopedia Of Roses.


Publisher.  Konemann.


Language. English

ISBN. 1 84 013041 5

The universal standard work on the subject of roses, this is a unique compendium, which introduces readers to the fascinating world of this most noble flower, and with more than 4,000 cultivated roses and the most important wild roses, portrays the rose in all its wonderful variety.

The contents include:

Forward by David Austin.

How to use this book;

Introduction;  by Peter Harkness.

The Rose and its Heritage;  by John Mattock.

Cultivating roses;  by Lieutenant-Colonel Ken Grapes.

Wild roses;  by Peter Beales.

Garden roses from A-Z;

All roses in overview;

Portraits of rose breeders;

Specialized vocabulary;

Bibliography; and Index.

The rose is the most popular and most often cultivated flower throughout the entire world. Today roses are grown in every country, even where the climate is hardly suitable for them. They are found in cold temperate zones and the sub-tropics - and to some extent even in the Tropics.

There are roses for every purpose and for every location in the garden, whether alongside walls, as espaliers or trees, or on terraces in containers or boxes - their beauty and charm is welcome everywhere. There is no other flower that has received so much attention from horticulturalists, and thus countless new and different types have been created. In light of the numerous species and the special qualities of the rose, it was high time for a book such as "The Encyclopedia of Roses" to provide an orderly overview.

The selection of the varieties and their descriptions are the work of a team of leading experts, and the accompanying photographs are of the very highest quality. This volume is a well-grounded reference work for rose aficionados and hobby gardeners, as well as a sure guide for enthusiastic beginners through the confusing multitude of names, synonyms and codes to just the right rose.

The descriptions of each unique variety include detailed information about its shape, colour, growth and blossoming, complemented by interesting facts about the discovery and naming of individual species.

Lavishly illustrated with almost 4000 stunning photographs .

With over 700 pages this book is a work of art and should be in every rose lover’s library.

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