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AWARD OF GARDEN EXCELLENCE. There are many wonderful Rose Gardens around the world, but some are truly exceptional from a historical, educational and/or visual point of view.   Beginning in 1995, The World Federation of Rose Society’s has recognised the best of these outstanding rose gardens with its Award Of Excellence.  Below is just one of many gardens around the world, plus the date that they received the Award Of Excellence. MORWELL CENTENARY ROSE GARDEN Awarded in 2009 Norman Sharpe Reserve. Commercial Road.                                                                                               Morwell. Victoria. Australia. E.Mail. [email protected] Web Site. This amazing rose garden was built on the site of a disused former railway cutting, and is a great example of what can be achieved by local rose enthusiasts, local businesses and organisations when they all co-operate. The site was made available by the local Council in 1991, and was constructed over the next year or so  and opened in 1992 to commemorate the centenary of Morwell town.   The work was carried out by many keen volunteers, with help from local businesses, the Council and various organisations who all gave their time and expertise free of charge.  They managed to get a small annual grant from the City Council but the majority of the costs have been covered by the local community.    The Rose Society Of Victoria have been particularly supportive, as has their former President Barry Johnson who laid out the original design of the garden.   However the most important contribution to the project has been the continuing support and labour of the ‘Friends Of The Garden’ group.    The City Council also provide a maintenance team who are responsible for lawn maintenance, weeding and spraying, but the rest of the work is carried out by the ‘Friends Of The Garden’ group who also give their time in fund raising and promotional activities etc.    The rose garden would not have been possible without all this combined effort, but particular thanks must go to the rose breeders and suppliers whose expertise and donations have been greatly appreciated. The site covers about 4 acres and now has over 100 beds which contain over 4000 roses from a selection of just under 300 varieties.    Every conceivable type of rose has been planted and many countries are represented with a great show of English Roses from David Austin in the UK,  a perfumed garden of Shrubs and Climbers from Delbard in France and many varieties and types bred by Australian and New Zealand Rose breeders. The garden also features quite a few significant structures built to compliment the roses.   A central gazebo summer house supports several climbing  Pierre de Ronsard roses  and are under planted with stunning white Iceberg floribunda roses.     The gazebo is surrounded by large beds with mass plantings of roses, and also contain central towers and decorative climbing frames, a pergola, several tunnel archways, plus a magnificent tubular arbour.     The show does not stop there.  Even the adjacent roads and traffic islands are covered in massed plantings of roses, including great shows of Tequila Sunrise, Flower Carpet Gold, Europeana and Rosy Carpet.    To provide additional colour in the garden throughout the year there are many established and exotic trees, plus mass plantings of spring bulbs, camellias, azaleas, annuals and perennials etc.   The site is also well used by the community for weddings, family reunions, remembrance ceremonies and music recitals etc. The Morwell Centenary Rose Garden is a source of immense pride to the locals, and is promoted as an outstanding example of what can be achieved with co-operation, hard work, and determination. Given the Award Of Garden Excellence in 2009.


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