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Jan 22 • 2020

Helping the Environment have a 'rosier' Future

We care about our planet and are taking small, but positive steps to further improve our carbon footprint.

We're working hard towards becoming carbon neutral in the near future and are making better and more informed decisions so that you are able to purchase from us, safe in the knowledge that we are doing our bit to support the environment.

Therefore, as part of our commitment to this, we are excited to announce that we have a new compost supplier. Yes, you read this correctly - we are very excited about compost – who would have thought that decomposed organic material would have had that effect on us!


During bare-root season (when all the new roses are potted up) we use approximately 160 tonnes of compost, so it's a key consideration for our carbon footprint. That's why we're now using compost that is made in Shropshire from green waste collected within the county. It is peat-free (unlike that used by many other rose growers), locally produced, has low compost miles and the quality is fantastic. It also happens that our supplier is just 10 miles away from our nursery keeping the transportation to a minimum. There is no packaging either; it's delivered loose to maintain the eco-friendly credentials. 


Home Grown is Best

Most rose bouquets sold in the UK have been grown abroad, creating a huge carbon footprint of more than 30Kg CO2 per bunch taking into consideration the air travel – very often from thousands of miles away!

An even better option is to order a living rose bush from Country Garden Roses. Not only will you will receive a plant in superb condition thanks to the care we put into them, but it should deliver wonderful blooms every season for an average lifespan of 35 years!

By planting a rose, you will be helping the planet as each one will absorb carbon from the atmosphere every day rather than adding to pollution. You will also have a beautiful and lasting memory.


Aug 19 • 2019

Planting Roses with Other Flowers

A fantastic bonus of companion planting is that many of our choices attract insects such as Hoverflies, ladybirds and lacewings that will prey on rose pests and can have a positive effect on rose health by improving soil health and reducing risk of diseases.



Aug 01 • 2019

Our Rose of the Month for August 2019

Our rose of the month this August is the absolutely beautiful Ruffles and Flourishes. 

It has gorgeously frilly edged blooms that smell divine. Pink blooms are produced from June until November.

A real show...



Jul 26 • 2019

How to Keep Roses Looking Their Best in Hot Weather

This week with soaring temperatures, we’ve been talking to Mary Jinks; Country Garden Roses founder and renowned rose expert about how to keep roses looking their best during this hot weather. Here are her top tips to keep your roses looking healthy



Mar 14 • 2019

How to Prune a Rose

The mystical art of pruning is one of the major deterrents to people buying a rose. This is sad, because pruning roses is actually very simple, and most roses are resilient enough to survive the odd bad pruning.



Apr 19 • 2018

The Great Outdoors!

We are delighted to announce that this summer our garden centre, Country Garden Plant Centre, will be holding a family festival, The Great Outdoors’, together with Shropshire Wildlife Trust, in support of their ‘Scrapheap Challenge’.

Read on for more information on this amazing event, and how you can win in our charity raffle! 



Feb 24 • 2017

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Nov 28 • 2016

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Nov 25 • 2016

Black Friday Offer

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Nov 24 • 2016

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Nov 03 • 2016

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